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As all site owners and digital marketers search for that silver bullet, it’s not surprising that these SEO Myths appear like Chinese whispers.

“A great website means I’ll get loads of traffic”

Just because you have built an amazing website the chances are you’re still not getting many site visits. Even if you include loads of interesting content (even if its better than the Birmingham Mail!), this doesn’t necessarily guarantee hits. Although an engaging site and great content are essential for your website’s success, equally important to having great SEO is links, a strong technical base and many more things. A combination of SEO tactics, content and a great site will save you from being a tiny fish in the SEO Ocean.

“Link building is outdated”

Links are still important. You need links to have good rankings. Buying dodgy backlinks is, however, outdated, as it can mean your site will be penalised by Google. But by hiring an expert to help you acquire more natural links by put together and helping you to execute a strategic link acquisition plan. A link builder will have a variety of different creative ways to help you gain more links and have higher rankings – it’s not link building that is outdated, just some of the methods of doing so.

“Google Analytics is just a method for Google to spy”

Google Analytics is, in fact, essential for your SEO strategy. In some ways, Google can “spy” on you through analytics, for example, if you are creating multiple bad domains which share the same analytics code, then Google will most definitely know about it. But, Google themselves has said that analytics is not used to determine site positioning. It makes sense that they don’t – many sites do not use Google Analytics, so doing this would probably be worse than excluding links as a ranking factor. If you are a regular company with a normal site, there’s no need for you to not use Google Analytics.

“Site traffic is more important than rankings”

The position does matter, even though there is no definite “top 10” anymore due to geolocation, personalisation and other factors. Relevant, converting traffic is the most important thing when it comes to measuring your ROI, the difference between being positioned 1st and 10th significantly affect the traffic flow. We can’t be completely sure how the site is seen in the SERPs, but we can have an idea of the best opportunities for traffic increases and drops if we follow the keyword positions.

“Social is the best method for link building”

Yes, you can get links through social, but link building is still important in its own right. The problem is that Google cannot factor social giants Facebook and Twitter into its algorithm because the companies are not willing to give Google consistent access to their data.

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