Baby announcement causes a royal stir

Following the announcement that Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting a second child, brands wasted no time in jumping on the bandwagon with the hopes of cashing in on the royal news.

Strategic brands spotted the marketing opportunity that came with the big news and responded in record time. Car manufacturer, Nissan was the quickest off the mark tweeting a royal promotion just seven minutes after the announcement was made.

#RoyalBaby tweets came in their millions, congratulating the Duke and Duchess on their baby news. Some brands hit the bullseye with their royal marketing ploy, but others missed the mark entirely. With that in mind, we’ve picked some of the best and worst attempts at cashing in on the royal baby:


Top 3: 

3. Innocent Drinks 


Known for its quirky and funny updates, the Innocent Twitter account did not disappoint. This royal baby name generator is just one of a series of tweets that Innocent posted including a congratulatory message for Wills and Kate and funny photographs of George anticipating the arrival of his little brother or sister.


2. Morrisons 

A sweet update from Morrisons congratulating the happy couple as well as the witty inclusion of a pun. It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s positive, raises a smile and really makes you want a freshly baked bun…


1. Nissan 

Nissan takes the crown for the best social media plug. The fact that this update was released just seven minutes after the announcement proves how responsive its marketing team is.

But of course, no list would be complete without the cringe-worthy efforts that left us scratching our heads:


Bottom 3: 

3. Pizza Express

Why? I doubt anybody in their right minds would choose to call their baby Pizza, let alone the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! This was a very poor effort, Pizza Express.


2. OFFICE shoes 

But not as poor as OFFICE’s attempt. For starters these boots look awfully large to adorn the little feet of the royal baby but if you’re going to jump on the back of a royal announcement the least you can do is get the names of the expecting parents right.


1.    WKD

In no way is WKD – a brand best known for boozy nights in bargain nightclubs – using the royal baby news as a marketing plug appropriate. There is also quite a noticeable typo in the first hashtag… This definitely has to be the worst of the bunch.


The royal baby certainly offers a sizable marketing opportunity to various brands working in a wide range of sectors. There’s no doubt that the bandwagon will continue to strive during the next nine months and we can’t wait to see what will be posted next!


Written by Amanda Johansson
Junior PR Account Executive