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Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment is a major international company that develops, manufactures and markets equipment for construction and related industries.

Among the world’s leading manufacturers of articulated haulers and wheel loaders, the company operates in 145 countries and more than 1,500 locations worldwide.

Volvo Construction Equipment
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Volvo Construction Equipment | Barques

The brief: Machines + services = solutions

In the highly competitive world of construction equipment, it is no longer a case of selling the ‘metal’; Volvo Construction Equipment is reliant on upselling and aftersales. It’s a complex business and a complex sell. That’s where we come in.

Barques was tasked with delivering a business solution that would make the strategy of selling services easy to remember for our client’s global dealer network and their global customer base.

We were challenged with finding a way to market nine defined service offerings that could fit together in a multitude of options. We would need to combine ‘machines + services = solutions’.

Volvo Construction Equipment | Barques

Our approach: Thinking inside the box

For once, our strengths lay in thinking inside the box, rather than out of it. After ideas sharing and prototypes came a bespoke Rubik’s Cube; one that could be used as a desktop reminder of the nine offers through the nine faces of the cube.

The cube had the ability to be tactile and a talking point in the office, a great piece of direct mail and a training tool to remind employees of each service offering.

Volvo Construction Equipment | Barques

The solution: Bringing the cube to life

A 3m x 3m interactive cube was built as a centerpiece for the largest exhibitions in the construction industry and showcased in Germany, France, China and India. 

Incorporating a master of ceremonies show and CGI graphics, the cube came to life, generating huge consumer interest and great PR for the client. 

The momentum continues and so too does the strength of our long-lasting relationship with Volvo Construction Equipment.

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