Print and Graphic Design

In a world of digital this and online that, we at Barques pride ourselves in our ability to create experiences offline as well an on. The heady smell of a newly printed brochure or the feeling you get from a textured paper or print finish is tangible results of a carefully thought through a design process to stimulate the senses – something lost in a digital age.

We believe that the full marketing mix involves printed communication as well as electronic to truly engage with an audience. We were born out of the need to create an engaging graphic design for print and are as passionate about our craft today as we were 25 years ago.

Our approach is simple: 1. question; 2. consider; 3. plan and 4. implement with creative flair. Design is all about communication and great design does this effortlessly, we’ve been advocates of this principle for years, creating everything from stationery to corporate literature and beer mats to building wraps.