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Facebook introduces new call-to-action feature

Facebook introduces new call-to-action feature

Facebook introduces new call-to-action feature

An estimated 30 million businesses now use Facebook to promote their products and services but a wave of changes over the past few months haven’t made it easy for them to reach potential customers. These tweaks limit the amount of organic reach business Pages can achieve, which means that Facebook has forced many brands to turn to paid for advertising on the site.

However, it seems that the social media giant must have had a change of heart for the New Year and has finally introduced a new feature that could benefit businesses. New ‘call-to-action’ buttons have already been launched for some US accounts and will come into effect worldwide this year.

But what specifically are call-to-action buttons? Well, imagine you’re browsing through Facebook and find a Page you like. Rather than scrolling through all of their recent posts to find what you’re looking for, a handy button right at the top of the page will give you the opportunity to contact the company or sign up to newsletters straight away with just the click of a button. The convenient tool will allow consumers to interact and engage with businesses without leaving their browser tab.

Regardless of the product or service your business offers, you are bound to find a button to use that will suit your needs as there’s seven to choose from. They will include: Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Watch Video, Shop Now, Sign Up and, Play Game. We predict that this tool will receive a great reaction from both businesses and consumers in the UK and could promote financial growth. We’re looking forward to testing the new features and seeing how they will benefit our clients.


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