fresh search console data

Fresher Search Console Data

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James Roberts

SEO / Digital Account Manager

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Google has released details about a long-awaited and number 1 requested feature on their Search Console platform.

Fresh Data!

Now your Search Performance report data will be less than a day old!

So what is the Search Performance Report and what does it do?

The Performance report helps webmasters and site owners better understand how their site performs on Google search, and answer questions such as:

  • General stats: How much traffic did my site get from Search and Discover?
  • Search queries: What are my site’s top and trending search queries?
  • Top content: What are my site’s most successful pages on Google search? 
  • Site’s audiences: From which countries? From which devices – is it mostly mobile?
  • Formats: What search formats does my site get (AMP, recipes, etc.) ?

Armed with the newest data, Google hopes that this update will help with monitoring a site’s performance and identify trends, patterns and interesting changes far more quickly and closer to when they happen.

James Roberts
SEO / Digital Account Manager
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