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Internet Explorer: The end is nigh

Internet Explorer: The end is nigh

Internet Explorer: The end is nigh

Internet Explorer: The end is nigh

We made it. We finally made it folks. The day is nigh. Microsoft are finally making the long over due move of retiring Internet Explorer in Windows 10.

Internet Explorer has not been a web browser for some time now. Back in early 2019, Microsoft came out and called it a compatibility solution not a browser.

In January 2015, yes 6 years ago, Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer as the default web browser in Windows 10 in favour of Edge. However, IE remained installed as a compatibility solution for older websites and especially enterprise intranet sites that requires legacy technologies. This decision and the fact the initial release of Edge was lacklustre, has been a great source of personal anguish for me but certain persons over last few years have still continued to use Internet Explorer as their go-to browser.

These people are nothing short of masochistic.

Why would you do that? Seriously, the Edge app icon is right there! Installing Firefox or Chrome has long been the first thing to do when setting up a Windows machine too. Yet these… people, continue to choose IE whether through stubbornness, laziness or ignorance. I don’t know. But they must question having a degraded experience everywhere they go on the web.

The only reasonable excuse to be using Internet Explorer is for legacy and enterprise applications, even then you should have transition to greener pastures years ago. But I understand enterprise is slow to move.

Even Microsoft’s own Teams doesn’t work in IE as of November last year and the rest of the Office 365 applications will be dropping support on August 17th this year, further encouraging users to use Microsoft Edge over Internet Explorer.

The “this needs to work in IE” attitude leads to a terrible web development experience and limits creativity. It lacks the latest advancements and security features to provide a robust modern web experience. Trust me, we web developers rejoiced at this news – prime example below.

Alas, official support for IE will be dropped altogether on June 15th 2022 but that doesn’t mean you should, if you do, continue to use IE until then… no, no. You need to do yourself and I a favour and make the transition to Edge. The latest Edge includes an Internet Explorer compatibility mode builtin anyway, so no excuses.

We do not support Internet Explorer as a web browser. It limits creativity and user experiences. We will start to include a warning dialog to users that access our websites over the next year and then this initiative will be phased out following IE’s official retirement.

Ladies and gentlemen. June 15th 2022. Mark your calendars.


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