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It’s coming home – to Barques

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have taken a long trip to the moon, it will be no surprise that this year’s football World Cup is currently the hottest topic in, well, the world!

Never ones to turn down a party, we’re certainly getting into the spirit at the Barques headquarters.

A lucky (or, for most, unlucky) dip out of a hat decided our office sweepstake teams, with everybody holding their breath and crossing their fingers for Brazil. We’re also keeping track of all the results with our World Cup wallchart, watching teams drop out as others progress.

We’ll also be throwing a World Cup party for the England vs. Costa Rica match, with all our staff bringing in a snack native to each of the countries competing in the tournament.

It’s safe to say we will all be watching the rest of the World Cup with bated breath, anxious to see whether our sweepstake teams can clinch glory. We’ll also be trying delicious food from various countries, socialising and might even win a little bit of money – which is always a bonus!