My First Day at Barques

The first day of work is very much like the first day of school. I can’t help but look back thinking about how awkward and nervous everyone is at that time. The only difference here, of course, being that it’s only you. Everyone else has worked here for ages.

I started working at Barques Design Ltd on the 20th of July 2015, I submitted my final assignment for my Bachelor’s degree only the Friday before. I was talked through the procedures in my first few days and it turns out it’s a little more complicated than talk to client, design website, make website – a system which in hindsight seems a little naïve. Firstly, I’m a developer, so designing is out, which is a big relief because I get to focus on the bit I’m better at. But things I didn’t even consider, like software for time-keeping, and using the ‘right’ plugins. Sure these things are individually simple enough, but the size of the metaphorical pond gets bigger with every new process and practise.

Luckily this isn’t a huge corporate deal. This is a nice, relatively small company. I’ve met the four designers and two other developers on the team and they’re all so helpful. Maybe once every couple of days I lean over the iMac on my desk with a question, and the other developers have been very accommodating to problems which they got over years ago. I’ve worked on a handful of projects so far and I’m pretty happy. Sure, not everything has gone my way, there have been days with nothing but problems without solutions, but the beauty of my job – the reason I fell in love with it in the first place – is that for every mind-numbing, hair-pulling problem, there’s a solution which makes you feel like you’re the best dev in the world.

I’m four weeks in now and I feel like I’ve settled in nicely. Sure, nine to five-thirty isn’t easy, but it’s the way of the world, the radio plays all day long, the team have a laugh and Fridays we have a nice lunch together. I don’t think I could’ve found a more interesting, friendly company in a better location. I hope the rest of my year is as fun as this month was.