Pams Pilates goes virtual

Pam takes pilates to the people

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Small local businesses have been particularly hard hit by the extraordinary circumstances of a global pandemic, but many are embracing the challenges in front of them and discovering new opportunities as a result. 

One company to have repurposed its offering for a virtual audience is Barques client, Pam’s Pilates

Best known (and loved) for hosting face-to-face classes with members of her community in the idyllic Shropshire town of Bridgnorth, it’s fair to say that pilates instructor, Pam Downing had no immediate plans to take her services online. 

With her clients housebound and the population at large more susceptible to stress and anxiety, Pam decided to try something different and called on Barques to support her.

Pam said: “I have taken the plunge and am very happy to be able to offer classes via my website. Trying to juggle children, work, partners and exercise is proving to be very difficult for a lot of people at the moment but a structured exercise routine is one I consider to be very important right now.

“So for an initial 3-month period, I will be posting a weekly video online, catering for varying levels of ability and working with the roller, hog and weights. I’m sorry I can’t be with people face to face, I do miss my classes but this is the next best thing.”

Pam has already recorded her first video, which we uploaded to a password protected platform, having first made some nifty modifications to her WordPress website.

As WordPress is open-sourced and flexible, it allowed our in-house digital development team to quickly customise the login page through the website’s CMS.

Pam is giving people the opportunity to login and stream content directly to their home at a cost of just £30.00 for three months. Subscribers also gain free access to a downloadable version of Pam’s Everyday Pilates, a resource pack that can be used when practising pilates at home.

Click here for more information about how you can follow Pam’s classes at home.

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