PR Services

Media relations

You have a new product, business success or fantastic service that you want to shout about – but how do you get heard? Simple: Barques PR can help you raise your profile with your chosen target audience.

Journalists receive hundreds of press releases each week so it’s up to us to make sure your news stands out from the crowd.

And, because of our pedigree in news, journalists trust us. We work hard to build relationships with journalists and we have an enviable contacts list of editors and reporters from regional and national publications and within the TV and radio industry.

Our team’s wealth of experience in journalism and PR means we know how to write newsworthy press releases that are page-ready for any newspaper or magazine.


A feature dedicated to your organisation or a member of staff is great publicity for your company, so our pro-active team looks for opportunities that will secure superb editorial coverage. By using our extensive media knowledge and understanding the needs of editorial teams, we can place appropriate feature material within our clients’ target publications both online and in print.


We don’t just write inspiring press releases – we produce clear and well-researched copy for newsletters, websites, brochures and advertorials, too. Add our talented design team into the mix and those words can be brought to life, thanks to their production expertise.


Keep in touch with your clients and potential customers by sending them a well-designed, well-written newsletter. Whether it’s for print or an
e-newsletter, Barques PR can work with you to produce appealing content that will engage your target audience.

Internal Communications

Internal and external communications go hand in hand. We can help with corporate videos, blogs and social media policies, and communication tools such as intranet sites and employee newsletters.

Digital PR and Social Media

As audiences’ thirst for news and information continues to grow, Barques PR has embraced the world of digital PR and social media with open arms.

Our campaigns work hand-in-hand both on and off-line. We don’t see them as separate mediums but rather ones that support each other in reaching both new and existing audiences.

We’re not just a machine that pumps out Facebook posts and Tweets, we do a lot more than that. We create meaningful conversations, develop communities and work with key influencers. We look at the strategy behind content planning, everything from what time a post should go out right down to the tone of voice and sentiment of the update. If something doesn’t work we change it. Social media is an evolving landscape and, like many of the platforms that undergo updates, we ensure our strategy and implementation moves with it so we can deliver the best results possible.

If you’d prefer to do it yourself though we can help with that too. It’s important that businesses get to grips with how the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn work and understand why they are worth the effort. From setting up your profile and managing the day-to-day running of the sites and their content, through to providing training on how to update and evaluate various platforms, Barques PR can take the hassle away.

Community Relations

Local community relationships are often the most important communication activity an organisation can do, yet it is often overlooked. We actively seek opportunities for our clients to be part of their local community, whether it’s attending a meeting or sponsoring a local charity.

Crisis Management

In this digital age, a news story can spread quickly. If it’s good news about your company, it will raise your profile positively – but if it’s bad, it can seriously damage your reputation. Our crisis management expertise means we can work with you to act quickly to formulate an appropriate media response to a potentially negative story, reducing the damaging impact.


With marketing budgets becoming increasingly tight, it’s vital for clients to know that their PR activity has a positive return on investment (ROI) and is reaching their target audiences. We use a media clipping service to track PR activity and produce monthly evaluations for our clients – it’s open, transparent and honest.


We use a trusted team of professional photographers who have years of media and PR experience. A photoshoot can be daunting for many people, but our friendly photographers will make you feel at ease. You might even enjoy it!