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Barques intern Harriet Harkcom visited the set of Ready Player One during her week with us…

Many people were surprised to learn that Oscar Award winning Steven Spielberg’s next Hollywood Blockbuster would be an adaption of Ernest Cline’s 2011 science fiction novel Ready Player One. A book which focuses on provocative topics such as virtual reality and over reliance on technology; all wrapped up in an exhilarating and fun plot. More surprising still was the news that Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter was chosen as the location to tell the story, which is set in Ohio in the year 2044.

It is fair to say that no one here at Barques would have predicted having to walk through dystopian America to get to work this week! But despite the unpredictability of it all; American flags, cars, graffiti and litter are lining the streets of Birmingham.

Having drones fly by your window and hearing echoes of ‘Rolling! Rolling!’ floating in from outside makes the office a somewhat surreal place to be. Every so often someone will come back from a meeting with photo evidence that they have seen Spielberg himself filming around the corner, and the film geek in me is determined to spot him for myself before the week is up!

All of this has only heightened our eagerness to see what the streets of the Jewellery Quarter will look like, post production, on the big screen. We are sure that Birmingham will do us proud and allow the storytelling to be taken to new heights! But there is a long wait before we get to see the final product; the film is set for UK release in 2018. In the mean time we will have to satisfy our curiosity by taking more sneaky pictures from our office windows.

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