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So what is branding anyway?

Chances are you’re thinking of a logo right now.

And while that’s part of the story, we can help you to think bigger too. 

Barques is a creative communications agency in Birmingham that’s been helping great brands to grow successfully for more than 30 years. 

From a new brand to a re-brand, we know what it takes to create a striking identity that captures the attention of your customers over and again.

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There’s more to branding than meets the eye 

Your brand is everything about you – what you look like, how you sound and what you mean to your audience. It’s powerful, it’s personal and it’s a living, breathing thing. 

Get it right and your brand identity will help you to stand apart from the competition and grow your business. We’re here to make it happen.

A great brand relies on many things, from core values and visual appearance through to customer experience. 

It also needs to be flexible. After all, your brand will need to be stretched across more physical and digital platforms than you can count.

And whilst you need to look great, the best brands are more than what you see in front of you. It’s what lies beneath that will make you stand out from the competition. 

We’ll help you create and maintain an effective brand strategy and deliver a striking identity that captures attention in all the right places.

We deliver bespoke branding services to clients in a variety of sectors, from [education, retail and manufacturing to construction and commercial property]. 

You can always be sure of an informed product that’s made to measure.

Brand strategy

Building a brand requires an effective brand strategy. We’re well-versed in both strategy and execution, combining years of strategic expertise with cutting-edge design to keep your brand relevant and engaging. We’ll dig deep, deliver insight and find fresh ways of creating connections with your customers.

Brand consultation

Your brand is emotive and it’s not always easy to assess its effectiveness when you’re so close to it. That’s where we come in. We approach brand consultation with open minds. Everything is based on customer insight and available data, rather than preconceived ideas. We’ll present an evidence-based concept that represents what you want to stand for in the marketplace

Brand architecture

Brand architecture is a challenge that comes with success. If your business is growing, chances are it will offer new products and new services too and you may even acquire other brands along the way. A cohesive brand architecture is business critical and will make clear how different entities fit together and how you should position them in the marketplace.

Brand narrative

What is a brand without a story? Your brand stories are your points for meaningful connection with the people that matter most to its success. They shape and define your brand’s relationship with every major stakeholder and audience. We’ll help you to develop purposeful branding and powerful stories about who you are and who you serve.

Brand guidelines

The strongest brands are built on consistency and if you want to achieve a standard approach across your business, you’ll need a robust set of brand guidelines. From your logo and messaging, to colour and typography, we’ll help you to develop brand guidelines that are easy to implement and understand.

Brand logo and identity

We have the processes, expertise and experience to guide you through the sometimes-overwhelming task of creating a brand that stands out from the competition. We’ll explore everything from colour palettes and logo designs to taglines, tone of voice and key messaging. We’ll work together to bring your brand’s mission, vision and values to life.


The right name is timeless. It’s important, it’s personal and it encapsulates you. But choosing the right name that’s available requires research; from social media to Companies House, and all of the hashtags and URLs in between. We’ll consider the options and help you to select a distinctive name that looks as good onscreen as it does in print.

Brand refresh

If your brand has been around for a while, chances are it’s time to consider a refresh. Have you outgrown your brand? Is it applied consistently across your business? And how does it compare with the competition? We’ll give you an honest, independent perspective and make sure that you aren’t left looking behind the times.

Competitive analysis

We live in a branded world. The internet provides instant access to information and solutions that your customers may not have thought of before. They are inundated with choice and comparing you with other brands, all of the time. Developing a good strategy will enable you to seize every opportunity. We’ll help you to communicate with customers, build loyalty and be more successful.

Audience profiling

How well do you know your customers? And what problems will you help them to solve? As every customer interaction is an opportunity, you need to be available every day, through the right channels, at the right time. We’ll put your target audience under the microscope and deliver insight that will lifts your brand out of the ordinary and give you a new story to tell.

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