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Social media changes that happened in April that you may not have noticed…

As we travel home from work whether it’s by train, bus or tram, we all like to have a sneaky peek of what’s been going on during the day on our favourite social media apps. Most of us use social media channels everyday, and because of this you may not have noticed these minor changes.

Earlier this month, Twitter made an update to its direct messages, as a business this may benefit you and you may find it very handy in the near future. It has added location in direct messages so now you can send where you’re based and show exactly where your business is located. All it takes is for someone to request your location and then it’s all down to you from there to accept the request or ignore it. By accepting it you can then give them your precise location, or choose a place listed.


Social media changes that happened in April


Not only has Twitter updated their DMs but it has now introduced in-stream video ads. As you may or may not know, video on mobile phones is bigger than ever and will continue to become a vital part of our online habits. These ads include the option to do pre-roll and mid roll ads.

Moving away from Twitter but sticking to ads, Facebook has recently introduced and redesigned insights for ads. It is now Delivery Insights and Estimated Daily Results. Delivery Insights gives you in depth auction metrics, while Estimated Daily Results, will provide estimates on results on a day to day basis. It factors in things like audience, bid amount, budget and others.

We all love a good selfie and most of us can’t get enough of the use of filters. Facebook has recently updated their app creating a camera effects platform. With this new addition you can now create your own masks, filters, frames and fresh art, all within the Facebook camera. So for all you creative Facebook users get snapping, and get designing!