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Social Media Day

There are so many of us worldwide that use social media on a daily basis, sometimes without even realising. To celebrate #SocialMediaDay, we’ve put together some tips to improve your social media content. From your personal account to your business account, these five pointers will help you to make the most of your posts.


Utilising hash tags couldn’t be more important on social media as it increases your engagements not only locally but globally. Having relevant hash tags will improve your post entirely. Simple tags are best at times as they are clear and give an easier understanding of the topic the post is referring to. Although hashtags originally started from Twitter, use them on all social media platforms. This will give your business more exposure on all social platforms. Trending hashtags are a good way to get exposure, any chance you get to use a trending hashtag that relates to your business use. It’s said that you’re better off not using more than three hashtags on twitter as it will receive 17% less engagement. In some cases, getting creative with hashtags are always a good thing. Especially with Instagram, you don’t have a limited amount of characters, therefore, you can go hashtag crazy.


There will be a rise in engagements when posting images, it gets people more interested and wanting to find out more. Images are one of the best tools as they increase engagements on social media. Whether the image is motivational, educational or humorous they are more likely to boost your views. On Facebook pages, 87% of these engagements are on photo posts. As for twitter, it gains 150% more retweets when an image is on a post. Using personal images creates a better profile for you as you’re showing the personality of your company your audience aren’t in control of branding you.


Due to digital videos being more popular than Primetime TV, videos are the way forward for your social media platforms to improve and enhance them. Video is one of the most engaging content currently on the internet, and it’s said in 2017 video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic. Mobile users can be reached easier, generally people try and avoid reading long blogs on a small screen, so the best way around this is to introduce video. Video will help with brand awareness whether it’s to promote your product or to illustrate your companies knowledge of your service.


To avoid less stress when it comes to posting, scheduling your posts can save you a lot of time and worry. Quite often, social media can be neglected as it often comes second to other urgent tasks, but this is a mistake: with 42 million users in the UK alone, social media should always remain a top priority (but it needn’t be a problem if you plan your posts in advance). When you start scheduling posts, it helps encourage consistency for all platforms. Keeping track of your posts will be much easier when it comes to scheduling, as you can view your history with ease. With keeping track, if you ever need to repost content it’ll always be there for you to use again.


Sometimes, trial and error is the only way to discover what posts work best for your business. From the time you post, to the hashtags you use, trialling (and making mistakes) will help you to make better, more informed decisions for your business. It’s okay to make mistakes, but in order to learn from them, it’s vital to closely monitor your data. That way, you can repeat what works, and avoid what doesn’t.