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The creative art of crawling through mud

As the newest addition to the Barques design team, I feel like the best way to describe myself, and what I do within the business, is to take you through my approach to creative briefs and design. From my experience in this industry, I have learnt that every designer has his or her own process for reaching the end goal. There isn’t a wrong or right way; it’s a unique process that can give you insight into the designer behind the ideas.


The process itself is an inspiring one. You are bringing to life someone’s vision – the reaction and satisfaction you get from that makes the job one of the most enjoyable. I will be forever grateful that I am able to allow my creative juices to flow on a daily basis. However, in my opinion, my favourite part of the whole process is the outcome and reaction.


What’s more advantageous is that I feel that the lessons I have learnt becoming a designer have influenced my thought processes in other areas of my life. An example would be that I am a huge believer in living a healthy lifestyle in order to get as much fulfilment out of life as you can. Many people have a distorted impression that living ‘healthily’ is boring and bland but, this isn’t the case.


This can be compared to when you are designing.


When I tell people I am a designer I often get a ‘wow’ – they are excited by my role and my designs. However, this isn’t the exciting bit, just as the healthy food and the gym isn’t the exciting part of living a healthy lifestyle – it’s the outcome. The results and feedback I get from clients when I show my designs is the fulfilling part. With this in mind, design has definitely made me a more patient, measured person, excited more by potential and what ‘could’ be.

I recently completed a Tough Mudder event that I did with a group of friends, all of whom came from very different careers and lifestyles. But, when it came down to it, as much as an individual’s physical ability affects them in different ways, every one of us made it to that finish line. It was that drive and desire to achieve that made all of the cuts, scrapes, knocks, freezing water, aches and pains along the way insignificant. As mentioned previously, every designer has their own approach to the craft but, they all get the end result and are overjoyed by the positive comments from the client.


Designers work on a trial and error approach, before eventually developing that keen eye to know when something has hit the mark. This is what I love about design and it motivates me to keep achieving successful results both personally and for my clients.