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The rise of wearable technology

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Wearable technology has been a hot topic for a few years now. We’ve seen many companies introduce countless ways to wear devices that offer a range of benefits. However, in spite of the brilliant new features available, a lot of wearables were inaccessible due to staggering costs.

That was until the launch of the Apple Watch. The technology giant has a tendency of taking a pre-existing concept and making it more sleek, efficient and user-friendly. It’s clear that the smart watch is now the must-have piece of tech. The sales speak for themself, as it was revealed that the Apple Watch sold more in a day than Android Wear did in 2014 as a whole.

Suddenly, wearable technology is all the rage again and the topic on everyone’s lips is the Apple Watch. However, if you can’t afford to splash out more than £13,000 on an 18-carat gold smart watch, or even £300 for the considerably cheaper sports range, there’s many other ways to wear tech.

Regardless of what you want to gain from your new piece of equipment, there’s plenty on the market at a much cheaper price. A group of us at Barques HQ have been trying out Up Jawbone and Fitbit – in a vain attempt to work off all of those office cakes. Both devices track steps and quality of sleep, encouraging you to walk more and catch more zzzzzs at the end of the day.

Up Jawbone is prominently a fitness tracker and even its highest end product will only monitor steps, sleep and heart rate, whereas the Fitbit Surge is a smart watch within its own right. It can do everything that the Jawbone can, but it also includes text notifications, caller ID and GPS tracking.

They’re both great devices and have given us the little push that we all needed to start making healthier choices for the summer. Wearing the devices has also made us that little bit more competitive, making us all walk those extra few steps.

I’ll admit I’ve been at the receiving end of a few confused faces when I’ve shown my Up Jawbone to friends. However, I believe that wearable technology will soon be as commonplace as our laptops and smartphones. It can also give you the opportunity to break free from the constraints of your phone. If your watch notifies you when you receive emails or text messages, it gives the user the opportunity to have some down time away from their smartphones while still being kept in the loop.

Taking it one step further is start-up company Ringly. The fashion-technology brand creates beautiful, semi-precious stone rings that connect to your iPhone. The inconspicuous ring will notify its wearer of emails, text messages, phone calls and social media updates that are important to them.

Whether you’re sold on the idea of wearable tech or not, it’s clear to see that the way we communicate with our devices is rapidly changing. With all of this technology at our fingertips, smart tech can help our health, organisation skills and mental well-being. Only time will tell how popular they will become and what new features will be available in the future, but one thing’s for sure: we love using ours!

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