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Google has announced, starting April 21st 2015 your website’s ‘mobile friendliness’ will be used as a ranking signal and will negatively affect your site in the search results if your website is not optimised for mobile devices.

This news doesn’t really come as a massive surprise as Google has been hinting towards this move over the last few months, promoting mobile friendly site design and sending out webmaster warning notifications telling webmasters what they need to change to make their site mobile friendly.

As more and more people are searching the internet on their mobile devices, Google must take actions to make sure their users are getting the best possible results for any given query either on desktop or a mobile device.

It isn’t clear if this will be happen straight away or will be slow roll out over time but, here’s your notice, if your site isn’t mobile friendly, make sure it is before April 21 rolled around, or you will definitely see a decline in traffic.

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