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What is it like at an agency?

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My journey into the agency world has been a breath of fresh air; a shot-in-the-arm, an exciting adventure, and plenty of other suitable descriptions too. As the newest member of the Barques team and having made the jump from public sector (and previously, private sector), it feels like a good time to jot down what my latest change has been like. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had such a breadth of experience, and the welcome from the team at Barques has been lovely. Even though I am obliged to say that, they genuinely have. It is always somewhat nerve-racking to make a change. So, what is it like to begin life at an agency for the first time?

I have worked alongside digital agencies for some time in my career, so it’s true to say I had some idea of what to expect. With any new job, there is a degree of getting used to how things work internally. The processes. The behind the scenes work that helps to make the beautiful stuff happen. As a Digital Account Manager, it’s our job to make sure projects run on-time and to budget so there’s lots of keeping the client up to date with where things are at, as well as working closely with our in-house designers, developers and directors. My first couple of weeks at Barques involved being introduced to the clients I would be looking after, and getting stuck in with some projects, which were already on-going. It was great to immediately be given the chance to work across a variety of sectors from construction to charity to licensed leisure. I’ve also been working on SEO more closely, which was an area I wanted to focus on.

Before I had time to realise, I had been busy creating project plans, establishing contacts and was involved in the development of several websites, which was a great position to be in at such an early stage. The approach to web development here at Barques is truly refreshing, and again, not just because I am obliged to say it. Everyone, from designers, to developers, to project managers – is genuinely interested in not only making things happen, but also considering how to do things differently. How do we take a suggestion from a client and turn it into a fantastic campaign? That’s a good idea, but what if we did it this way? I may not have all the answers to the questions right away, but it’s the process of ‘getting there’ that I enjoy.

Of course you have to do what is right for you; perhaps you are also considering a move. I hope this brief insight into the role is helpful in some way. I’ve really enjoyed my first month and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring. Keep an eye out for more specific blogs as 2016 unfolds – Happy New Year!

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