Why the new PR campaign for season two of Humans is the best use of multichannel marketing

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Humans’ is a series on Channel 4 that first aired in 2015 and left much of the nation desperately seeking their next big TV binge. It’s back.

What excited us most about the new series at Barques, though, was not the prospect of losing another hour a week to The Box. It was the incredible attention to detail and thought process behind their latest campaign across a multitude of channels, leaving no stone unturned.

Persona Synthetics is so deep into its own imagination, using Facebook, Twitter, website, TV advertising and out of house and even eBay to suck you into their realm.

Last year, agents Channel 4’s in-house creative team, 4 Creative and OMD UK set up shop in a disused store in Regent Street, London using Microsoft Kinect technology to produce two life-sized ‘robots’ that were able to react to the movements of passers by.

Just last week in Birmingham, Persona Synthetics parked up on Corporation Street in the city centre and drove past Selfridges in a large truck labelled ‘synthetic human collection service’.

Over 18,000 people have joined the Facebook page, with quite a few questioning how to buy one. If you visit the website, you can ‘live chat’ with a ‘real synth’ – a cleverly designed bot that converses with you about all things synthetic. The seemingly light-hearted conversation we had though took an unexpectedly dark twist…

The level of detail on the rest of the site is seamless, right down to its annual reports, careers page (PR officer, anyone? Experience in managing customer fallout and product recall and/or mass technical failure is essential…) and synth collection request point

A quick scroll through the history shows the true dedication to the campaign, as the Facebook and Twitter pages have been live and active since 2015.

Whether you like #Humans or not, it’s hard not to admire the level of work and detail that’s gone into promoting it. The show was Channel 4’s biggest drama hit in 20 years according to the Guardian, and this season shows no signs of slowing down. And why shouldn’t we love a show about a futuristic robotic uprising? We’re only human…

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