Your Christmas marketing checklist for 2020

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Hannah Gallop

Social Media and Content Manager

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Christmas might look a little different this year, but it’s still as important as ever to ensure you are able to continue providing a seamless service to your clients during the festive period.

Stay one step ahead this year by ticking off your last minute Christmas marketing checklist and ensure everything is in-hand, so you can watch the Queen’s Christmas speech with peace of mind and a little tipple.

  • Add some festive cheer to your website with a message to your visitors and also update your Christmas openings hours on your website
  • Don’t forget to update your Christmas opening hours in Google My Business and across social
  • Get your audience on social in the festive mood by updating your logo with hints of holiday flair or publishing festive content
  • It’s always nice to thank your customers, so send them an email to show your gratitude and keep them updated
  • Prepare to hit the ground running in January – whether you’re considering a brand refresh or want to start your marketing in 2021 with a bang
  • Lastly, take a well-deserved rest! This year has been a really tough year. Make sure you take some time out to enjoy the festive period with your loved ones and get ready to take on another year

Is your business Christmas-ready?

These are just a few ways in which you can get your business ready for Christmas. Whether you’re looking ahead to 2021

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