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We're Barques, a leading Birmingham brand agency. We work collaboratively with our clients to design powerful brands and develop creative communications strategies and products that speak directly to their audience.

Discovery is our thirst for knowledge. Before we design, write or create anything we need to understand you, your sector, audiences, competitors and your purpose.

Take your organisation. Does it have a strategy? If it does, do you truly believe in it? And more importantly, do you think it will attract the level of business and types of customers you desire? More than 30 years of experience has shown us that even when a strategy does exist, all too often it is driven by the demands of short term fixes and not the bigger picture.

At Barques, nothing is taken for granted. Brand strategy starts with insight and open minds, not preconceived ideas. We aren’t here to catch you out. We adopt a no-nonsense approach, focused on sound metrics and extensive research. Why? Because purpose-driven marketing gets results.

Let’s discuss your brand strategy

Brand development agency

Your organisation needs a story. And to tell that story, you need a compelling strategy

Your organisation

Let’s get to know each other. We want to understand your organisation and what you’re all about. We want to meet your people, experience your culture, and use your products and services. We want to know why you think your customers need you and how your brand is perceived. Through this important step of brand development, we’ll help you to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Your growth

Tell us where you want to go and we’ll help you to get there. We want to know more about the results you want to achieve: Do you want more leads? Do you need to generate more sales? Does your reputation need enhancing? Everything we do is designed to meet your objectives.

Your audiences

How well do you know your customers? And what problems will you help them to solve? As every customer interaction is an opportunity, you need to be available every day, through the right channels, at the right time. We’ll work together to support decisions on how best to position your brand for success, making it easy for customers to buy from you.

The competition

We live in a branded world. The internet provides instant access to information and solutions that your customers may not have thought of before. They are inundated with choice and comparing you with other brands, all of the time. Developing a good strategy will enable you to seize every opportunity. We’ll help you to communicate with customers, build loyalty and be more successful.

The strategy

Once we’ve conducted our research, we’ll shape a well defined strategy that’s easy to understand. We’ll show you how to influence the conversations your customers are having about you and to transform the way your audience thinks, feels and acts. And we’ll advise you on how to implement the best marketing tools and techniques to move your business forward, faster.


Creative delivery strategy guides creativity. With the perfect brand identity, we’ll create ideas that capture the imagination and connect you with the people you need to reach. From clever advertising or point of sale, to a knockout marketing campaign or game-changing digital experience, you can be sure that our Birmingham branding agency will provide inventive ideas and powerful messages that deliver results.

Brand identity agency

We create growth for brands of all shapes and sizes

Branding agency

Elevate your brand and grow your bottom line

Let’s discuss your brand strategy
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